Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Tom or Not to Tom?

I have yet to jump on the Toms train. It's not that I don't like them, or support the cause they stand for; but generally speaking, I am past the point in my life that I regularly wear a "super casual" shoe (says the girl who wears jeans to work M-F...).

I could fit them into my wardrobe, and easily could get away with wearing them to work, but since my Chuck Taylor phase the spanned from high school through the end of college, I have gravitated only toward a more "formal" type of shoe. Obviously I'm not wearing formal occasion shoes every day, but really what I'm trying to say is I've grown out of my sneakers and rubber flip flop days.

To date, I haven't found any Toms that I can really see myself getting good wear from. That is, with the exception of last summer's crochet classics, which I fell in love with for their dainty feminine detailing - but of course, they sold out almost immediately.

Spring is upon us again, and with it, apparently Toms has decided to bring back my faves. But now, of course, they had to throw in these lovelies to make pulling the trigger on my back-in-stock favorites even harder:

I mean, mint & metallic? Come ON. I can never resist a metallic shoe (seriously, I have the same pair of ballets in gold and pewter, plus about 7 others...).

So what's a girl to do?

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