Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Memories: The Tides Beach Club

And so begins my obsession with the Tides Beach Club. After seeing the photos on the hotel's website (many of which are posted here in my pre-stay excitement), I unsurprisingly could not wait to check in. 

And was NOT let down in the slightest. I mean - talk about calming and totally perfect.

Oh, and they gave us a glass of champagne at check in - clearly this place knows the way to my heart.

Loved this custom embroidery (on Frette, bedding, of course).

First of all, these lamps are everything: coral with an oblong shade, atop a lucite base?  And don't even get my started on the carrara marble nightstand...

So monochromatic, but still not obnoxious somehow...probably because that wallpaper was perfection.

I literally could not handle this bathroom.

Yet another photo with a toilet from this trip...weird and excessive? But the driftwood floor was just too much.

And then there was the shower. Subway tile all around, double shower heads - just glorious. Oh, and when I actually took a shower, the pressure and volume was unbelievable, but at that point, I couldn't expect any less.

The front porch was perfect for early evening drinks, with a view of the ocean and a cooling breeze. And my %15 hibiscus/Hendrick's martini was worth every penny.
And then came the time I realized the ceilings were waincoting (waincotted?). At which point I basically died and went to heaven.

Oh, and of course your check casually comes on a lucite plate. The level of detail was just incredible.

Speaking of lucite - just STOP IT with those barstools. The bar itself was a sight to see, but the whole dining area  with its carrara marble tables and chippendale chairs backed up against the plush bar was just so fresh and sophisticated. 

Clearly, by the time we left, I wanted to move in. The rates are on the pricier side once you get into summer months, but I would still 100% recommend staying here, even if you can't use the beach across the street. I mean, there are vintage Schwinn bikes on hand for you to take a spin on whenever you feel like an adventure, and the scenery alone (inside AND outside, haha) are enough to make it worth it.

I wish I had gotten better photos of the lounge (apologies again for my crappy iPhone snaps), but I guess that mean's we'll just have to go back for another visit. And I ain't gonna complain about that!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Memories: Goose Rocks Beach

Of course the first thing we do upon arrival in Kennebunkport is eat & drink - this Hendrick's and grapefruit was magical.
Tia's Topside had the most amazing al fresco dining with multiple outdoor deck space.
And then there was the interior decor. I mean, that wallpaper. I NEED it in my life.
Apologies for the terrible iPhone quality, but COME ON. Propeller fans, white wainscoting everywhere, heaven.

Kennebunkport proved to be my kind of place - found this at one of the cute little shops walking around town.  And I immediately regret not buying it; the book was clearly written for me.
Then we ventured over to Horseshoe Cove to explore the beach where I had come when I was much younger.
Just as gorgeous as I had remembered.

In my happy place, feeling very patriotic (just a day too early...).
Shirt: J.Crew | Linen Pants: J.Crew Factory (old) | Bag: Kate Spade (this year's version here, on sale!) | Shoes: Jack Rogers |  Jewelry: David Yurman, Vintage Coral Necklace, J.Crew Bangles, Priviledged NYC Chain Bracelet, DY Ring, Jennifer Zeuner Ring 
Lotsa baubles.

Taking it all in...

Once we checked in, we ventured out on a walk around the Goose Rocks neighborhood. I was totally in love with the detail on all of the cottages (/mansions, in some cases).
Sailboat shutters! And those Adirondack chairs are gorgeous.
Straight cheesin' with the flags - but since my outfit matched, I obviously couldn't resist!
I was definitely a little bummed that it was  too cold for a beach day after seeing this view.

Posing with my new all-time favorite inn.
Our two year anniversary (huge) dinner at On the Marsh was topped off by an Irish Car Bomb cupcake - perfectly served with a mini glass milk bottle and striped paper straw. Perfection.
More to come later on the rest of our weekend - and of course, my obsession with the Tides Beach Club (it needs it's own post, obviously!).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MDW Sneak Peek

Being stuck at work on the Tuesday after Memorial Day is not being conducive to my long weekend recap, BUT...

Here's a sneak peek via iPhone snaps to hold you over until I can do justice to the perfection it really was:

One of the first glimpses of downtown Kennebunkport; so pretty and peaceful.

Yes, this is a photo of a bathroom - but are you KIDDING me? Nautical striped walls with kitschy buoys? It was too perfect not to capture.

The nautical madness (amazingness?) continued in almost all of the shops around town; this display of home goods and trinkets was almost too much to handle.

Deco details at the Tides Beach Club (and only the the beginning of my love affair - you'll see why).

Pre anniversary dinner drinks on the front porch at the Tides; pretty obsessed with the color coordination going on here (and blue & yellow is an all-time fave).

Monday brunch at the tides, complete with marble tabletops, Chippendale chairs and lucite barstools (swooooon).

How was your long weekend?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Maine: The Way Life Should Be

Happy (almost) weekend everyone!

Unforunately, my Memorial Day weekend isn't conducive to a 3-day trip this year, as the boyf is currently in L.A. living it up with his brother in Hollywood and not returning until tomorrow afternoon, but ain't no thang cause...

I'll be here on Sunday!

The boy and I are celebrating our two year anniversary this weekend with a 2-day mini excursion to Kennebunkport, Maine, and are staying at the AMAZING Tides Beach Club

The hotel plays host to a few suites designed by none other than Jonathan Adler...

I mean, come ON. I die.
Obviously, we will not be staying in it on my solo marketing associate salary (thank god he starts his MBA internship in June!), but I'm pretty sure I can deal with this goodness:

(Serena & Lily love!)

(those stools!)

Adorbs reading nook.

And lastly...

Are you for REAL with those Chippendale chairs and lucite barstools?! HEAVEN.

Needless to say, I am excited to venture to the place that deems itself "the way life should be" for some much-needed R&R and time with the boy. 

(That will be me making that tool-ish pose in just 2 days!)

Surely more pictures of lighthouses, rocky beaches and delicious meals (and drinks, duh) to come.

What are your holiday weekend plans?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

J.Crew Addiction Chronicles: Spring Sale

It should be no secret that I am utterly addicted to 95% of what J.Crew produces. So it should be no surprise that when this little ditty popped up in my inbox today, I immediately gasped and started frantically scrolling through the pages and pages of sale items (sidenote: can they REALLY not do something about that interface? It's horrid).

After about five minutes, I had 15 items in my cart - and I knew I had to hit the store so I could get my hands on the goodies even faster. Screw waiting for shipping (literally the hardest thing in the world for me to do).

I mean - just look at this!

I can't even.

So yes, immediately after work I sped over to my nearest J.Crew...

And when I got into the dressing room, I realized I was already in head-to-toe J.Crew...

(Minnie in Vibrant Flame and Gingham Perfect Shirt in Byzantine Blue)

And some arm swag (beaded bangles are J.Crew too...seriously borderline embarrassing).

But once I got over my slight embarrassment, I also realized that the additional 30% off wasn't being promoted in the store, and I had a minor panic attack (seriously, I know I'm ridiculous). I asked one of the associates, who all but shushed me and whispered "Yes, you can still get it, but let me check with the girl at the register." Okay, secret sale? Fine, as long as I get my deal!

After getting a hushed confirmation, and trying on about 50 items (some of which I knew were on sale online were not marked down in the store), I made my decisions and was literally escorted to the register for more whispering, as if everyone in the store was going to rush the registers if they heard what we were talking about.

Not only did they give me the extra 30% off, the adjusted the price on the items that had not been marked down in the store but were on sale online - ANDDDDD I got my additional 15% off student discount on top of it all. AMAZE. Can you tell I'm beyond jazzed?

So - what did I walk away with?

This took a LOT of self restraint - but this all came in at an unbelievable $111. Unreal. I would deem today a complete success.

What do you have your eye on form the spring sale?

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