Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lazy Mornings.

This weekend, I finally had some downtime (and alone time, if we're being honest). The boyfriend was out of town and I got some much-needed shopping, cooking, baking, laundry -  you name it - done while he was away.

By Sunday morning, I was exhausted (mainly from being woken up at dawn by a needy puppy), and though I had plenty on my to-do list, all I wanted was to lay in bed and enjoy the morning sun...

So I did. Armed with my new beaded coffee mug, berry colander and some extensive apartment hunting (though those plans may have been slashed in the 48 hours since...), I indulged - and the only guilt I felt was that half of my english muffin - Nutella, you are (and always will be) my downfall.

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