Friday, May 18, 2012

Currently Coveting: Monograms (all day, e'ry day)

I have always been one to love a monogram.

Okay, that's a lie - when I was in my emo teenage years, I "despised" them and I had to physically force myself away from my ever-preppy sensibilities in rebellion (mostly against my parents). That said, you can find me in photos sporting a Dashboard Confessional t-shirt with shorts and a pair of Jack Rogers, so you tell me how successful that endeavor actually was...

Anyway, flash forward 8 years (heart stopped for a second after calculating that one...) and I am as in love with monograms as ever. I want to put them on everything (excessive) and am basically as insta-hooked on them as I am with anything and everything striped (which is saying a lot).

Here are some of my recent faves


(clockwise from top left): Pottery Barn Julep Candle Pots | Pottery Barn Weekender Duffle | Lampshade | Throw Pillow (only $75 and totally customizable) | Notepad Stack (via Etsy; so many colors and combos!) | Jack Rogers Sandals | PB Doormat | J.Crew Rail and Wharf 48-Hour Duffle (loving the diamond mono) | Monogrammed Glass Cutting Board (also totally customizable on Etsy) | Jennifer Zeuner Initial Ring (wear mine EVERY day)  | Plum Street Prints Links iPhone Case | Pottery Barn Glass Canisters (adorable for bathroom essentials) | Leotine Rayford Linens (in my dreams - these are a great alternative)

Totally excessive, and yet completely necessary? Yep, I thought so too.


  1. I love monograms too! I'm definitely eyeing that iPhone case!

    1. I am in LOVE with that case - definitely saving up to add it to my collection of monogrammed cases (it's becoming an addiction) :)


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