Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites

Finally Friday - is it just me or was this week especially long? The weather in Boston has been straight misery all week, and the sun's finally out (and it looks like for good this weekend!); things are looking up.

Happy weekend things:

Quiet solo dinners with wine, Essie and online (J.Crew) shopping.

Can't wait to make my first Kimball's trip of the year.

This is a "Kimball Special" (more than an entire pint of ice cream...). Seriously having anxiety over picking a flavor (peppermint stick, butter crunch and mint oreo are all equally amazing).

And then whoop the BF in mini golf (that is an actual photo of the course - heaven to a mini golf nerd like me).

I'm also extremely excited to visit my high school alma mater for the first time in at least a year:

Situated across from gorgeous (and wedding-popular) Gibbet Hill...

Followed by a steak dinner in the barn-turned-restaurant.

(Sarah Kang Photography)

I'm beyond excited for this desperately-needed relaxing weekend with the boy and some good friends and food. I hope your weekend plans are pulling you through this Friday!


  1. Ooooo J. Crew midnight shopping! Hehe a favorite activity of mine ;) Loving all the Crew on your blog. thanks for finding my blog :)

    Your newest follower,

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