Monday, May 7, 2012

Play THIS, Wear THAT

I have always been a music fanatic. Whether it was my completely unhealthy obsessions with Raffi, the Sound of Music and the Parent Trap soundtrack, or my more mature (or not) infatuations with everything from my beloved (and personally-hoarded) indie darlings to mainstream radio country.

Music has always been a mood-setter for me; all of my playlists revolve around a time or a place and are completely defined by a portrayed feeling. My iPod is loaded with "summer driving," "pre-autumn," and "cozy winter" lists that I have continually added to over the years, and each one conjures a very specific (and often nostalgic) emotion.

What does this have to do with fashion, you might wonder? I am definitely THAT person that can't not dress for the occasion - whether it be a formal party or wedding, or a rainy day on vacation in Scotland, I feel this intense need to dress for my surroundings. I can't really explain it, but it sure does make packing a struggle (forecasts are SUCH liars!). There's something about fitting just right with your atmosphere makes the entire day fall into place, no?

One of my long lost indie loves came out with a new single today and I don't know if it's the summer feel (and the lack of summery weather to go with it around these parts...harumph) but the mood really struck me. Check out Passion Pit's new single, "Take a Walk," here.

So much fun, right? I immediately pictured myself wearing this flowy, colorful maxi (tragically sold out, probably because it was only $158!)...

The scene? Call me crazy, but the song makes me feel like "taking a walk" (wow, so creative, Carolyn) down a country road at dusk in the dead of summer...

Preferably, with fireflies all around (obviously).

(images via National Geographic, flickr)

Catch mah drift? 

Happy fake summer, all of you fellow New Englanders...

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