Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Outfit Crush

Much like the rest of the blogging world, I have been on an autumn kick lately. Tartan, cable knits, riding boots - you name it and I'm smitten.

This isn't to say that I'm tired of all the quintessential fall outfits, but I love a good standout, and I can't seem to get this look on Joanna Hillman off of my mind:

There's something so "fall" about this, but the outfit is boasting almost no categorically autumn pieces. Maybe it's the camel coat (which is so, so chic with the black contrast), or the daytime sequins coupled with a buckled moto-inspired boot, but I fell head over heels for this look. 

fridays facies outfit crush

Clearly, the coat is not an exact match but I absolutely LOVE this option from French Connection - and at $160 it's going to be hard to resist. The contrasting of black on camel is not something I'm going to get over easily...

This tote from Madewell has been steadily climbing to the top of my wishlist and the more I see it, the more I'm convinced of how practical it is - classic brown leather in two tones (more contrast!), short handles and crossbody functionality, big (but not huge) size - and a reasonable price for such a staple ($268).

I couldn't resist topping this off with a fox earring - I know, I know, foxes are a "thing" this fall, but clearly, I'm obsessed. And it's just a hint of fox on the ear, so I'm gonna let it slide on this "anti-autumn" fall outfit.

What are your go-to fall outfits? Any refreshing fall outfits inspiring you lately? Please share!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

J.Crew Therapy Thursday

By now it should be no secret that I am J.Crew obsessed. And while my J.Crew credit card bill is mildly out of control right now, this week, they (finally) brought back their infamous 25% off $125 sale.

Tragically for me, this came right after a pretty great 30% off sale items, and of course, I indulged in these two beauts:

(in kelly green and navy)
(only $55!)

Even though I'm still milking my 15% college discount, 25% is hard to pass up when it comes to full-priced items. If I had it my way (and got a hefty raise in the next few days), these are some of my favorites I'd love to add to my fall wardrobe:

jcrew fall wishlist

For all of my J.Crew lovers out there - what's topping your fall sale wishlist? Have you scooped up some favorites already? Do share!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kate Spade for Paperless Post

Remember this post? Little did I know what Paperless Post had up its sleeve for me...

I mean, Kate Spade? I die.

I can't wait to use this one for my birthday invite - seriously can't get enough gold, recently.

Way too adorable. 

Notes to self:

- Plan housewarming
- Send e-vites
- Plan Halloween party
- Send e-vites
- Plan birthday party
- Send e-vites
- ...and start making the apartment look passable for having guests...

Which Kate Spade e-vite is your fave?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tuneday: An Ode to Mumford & Sons

This post is going to seem like a total cop out - and that's half true. But, as I'm sure most of you know, THIS came out today:

What you might not know is how much I have been anticipating this release. Their debut album "Sigh No More" honestly changed my life, and yes, I know how dramatic that sounds. It took me through a really dark time and I think I will always feel an intense connection to their music.

I couldn't wait for Babel to come out; I was literally up at 6:30 today downloading it to get ready to take it to work with me. And so far, it has not disappointed. This might not be a playlist (and no Spotify link yet - sad), but this album (and their music in general) has a very distinct mood for me. It's dark, it's broody, it's woodsy - it's very fall.

So, how about we all go for a long drive into the woods, do some leaf peepin', and blast some Babel the whole way? Yeah? Great.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Aparment Therapy: Gold Diggin’

This weekend was spent finally getting around to the little odds and ends we didn’t take care of while moving in – namely hanging pictures and mirrors and suffering through a trip to IKEA.

As much as it wasn’t exactly relaxing, our place is finally starting to feel like home now that my need for symmetry has been appeased (with the addition of this nightstand to the boy’s side of the bed) and we have a (temporary) coffee table situation that isn’t a faux leather storage ottoman (separated...obviously):

That puppy is getting spray painted gold ASAP (realistically in like a month) and I’m on the hunt for vintage gold/brass hardware for the nightstands, and eventually the rest of our room (pics soon!).

Speaking of gold….

apartment gold diggin

I just can't get enough of it lately. This board started out as an apartment wishlist and I quickly noticed that pretty much everything I'm into right now is gold.

In the last year or so I finally got over my fear of gold jewelry and subsequently realized that it actually looks better on my yellow-toned skin than silver, resulting in an entire revamp of my daily/costume jewelry regimen, and I think the same wave is about to overtake my living space.

While a lot of these items are entirely out of my price rage ($2,000 for a coffee table is just not going to cut it at this point in my life – shoutout to IKEA!), I plan on investing in a few of these accents to spruce up my new table situation -  namely the gold skull, giraffe and piggy bookends. ZGallerie is quickly becoming my go-to for fun homewares that are seriously affordable.

Are you gold-crazy? Would you go gold in your home?

PS: I’m also seriously starting to consider going for a cowhide (flecked in gold, duh) rug over a patterned flat-weave/dhurrie. Am I crazy? Talk to me…

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Fall Football Season

I couldn’t be more excited about today’s Friday’s Fancies theme: FOOTBALL.

That might actually be misleading – if you’re thinking NFL, we’re not on the same page. Truth be told, I couldn’t really care less about NFL football; I have lived in Massachusetts for almost my entire life and I have developed a pretty mild dislike for the “beloved” Pats.

BUT, I do love me some college football – Notre Dame football, to be exact. And no, I am not a Fighting Irish fan just because I’m Irish (even though I am…); my parents met, fell in love, and married at ND – not to mention that my uncle also went there and I have been to at least 10 fall tailgates in lovely old South Bend.

There’s nothing more beautiful and quintessentially fall than sipping a cold beer with mittens on a brisk fall morning and being a part of that absolutely awe-inspiring school spirit…not to mention the gorgeous backdrop of maple leaves catching the color of fire and a bright gold dome.

friday's fancies - ND style

Tailgate essentials: tall, flat boots (with wool socks, of course), sunnies to help see the game, a hot latte, blanket and a koozie (monogrammed!) for your beer to keep warm (and your beer cold!).

Do you love football in the fall? What are your game day essentials?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Classing Up the Party

As if moving into a new (and more importantly, bigger) place, the #2 thing on my mind after unpacking and decorating is undoubtedly throwing a party.

I received an e-vite from a friend the other day that, while it was inviting me to something with a ticket pricetag of $30, made me instantly reply, "Yes".

After RSVPing, I immediate started poking around the Paperless Post site at the gorgeous selection of (mostly free!) customizable email invites. And of course, promptly emailed the boy to let him know that we WILL be hosting a housewarming, whether he likes it or not.

I mean, this is too adorable not use, right?

And then I got to thinking about Halloween...

And my birthday...

And football, cause then there's an excuse for every weekend!

But if we're going that far - why not just have a fall party?

Very Rifle Paper, no?

Once I finally decide on a design, it's on to coming up with a menu, some decor, and of course a signature cocktail (or two) to serve on my new bamboo bar cart/table, if it ever arrives...

Have you ever used e-vites? Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tuneday: Dary & Stormy

It’s a gloomy and somewhat brisk Tuesday up here in Boston – one of the first rainy fall days we’ve had.

As much as I love a clear, sunny day, I need my dreary days to not only make me appreciate the picture-perfect ones, but also to get me to slow down and snuggle up. When the weather’s gorgeous, I put an immense amount of pressure on my schedule to get out and soak up as much as I can, whether it’s a cool morning run on the water or an afternoon of apple picking, farmer’s markets and tons of baking; I just can’t let myself relax and let it pass me by.

It’s days like these that get me to rest a little and indulge in more quiet moments, of course accompanied by a hot mug of cinnamon tea, and preferably a cozy blanket. But when you must brave the outdoors, there are some cozy and protective essentials…

grey days

Jack Wills Pheasant Sweater  / Alexander Wang Honeycomb Sweater / Barbour Bedale Jacket / J.Crew pixie pants / Longchamp tote / Timex watch /  Burberry duck handle umbrella / Hair ties / Hunter Boots Pillar Box Red 

Always need a good cozy sweater, an umbrella (just in case), a water-resistant bag, and some handy hair ties for when your hair inevitable loses the battle to the moisture (just me?).

Grey days always put me in a very specific mood. Aside from just general somberness and introspection, I gravitate toward very specific songs/albums that have always created that same feeling for me. Some of them have accompanied me on long, rainy drives - others bring the same sense of warm sadness that I so love about this weather. Either way, they are always the backdrop to my dark days and help me to slow down and soak them up.

Dark & Stormy

·         Counting Crows – Omaha
·         Dave Matthews – Dodo
·         Damien Rice – Amie
·         Coldplay – Warning Sign
·         Dave Matthews – Trouble
·         Nick Drake – One of These Things First
·         Bon Iver – Holocene
·         Iron & Wine – Resurrection Fern
·         The Civil Wars – My Father’s Father
·         Counting Crows – Perfect Blue Buildings
·         Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth
·         Bon Iver – Perth
·         The xx – Heart Skipped  a Beat
·         The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine
·         Dave Matthews – Stay Or Leave
·         Counting Crows – Colorblind
·         Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter
·         The xx – VCR
·         Bon Iver – Beth/Rest

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Trend: Critter Clutches

My stroll down Newbury Street on the back from dinner at the MET Back Bay on Saturday night was quintessentially autumnal – the air was a brisk and dry with a very slight breeze, and the city was quieter than it has been in months; essentially perfection.

I clipped the tags from a recent H&M score; a very “in” for fall burgundy blazer (on sale for $30!), so I of course was in the mood to peep some autumn window displays on the ultimate Boston shopping boulevard. I swear I’m still having neck pains from tossing my head from side-to-side trying to see every last window, but nothing struck me more than Burberry’s fall accessory presentation.

I die.

My obsession with the latest slew of fox-adorned accessories is no secret, and Burberry’s clutches and bags with foxhead clasps are at the top of my “cant-afford-but-totally-die-over” list. I don’t know what it is about the fox that somehow scream fall, but I am hooked. Little did I know what would be waiting for me in Burberry’s window…

Gold autumnal critters GALORE. I was dying over the ducks – there’s something so old-school prep about them. And I would kill for a mallard-head umbrella. But I also can’t get over how adorable the little owls are!

Clearly I am in no place to be purchasing any of these Prorsum lovelies, but it might be time to expand my fall accessory search beyond little foxies.

Which autumnal animal is your favorite? Would you rock a critter accessory?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Autumn Lust List

I have been trying to get my act together to start participating in Friday's Fancies for weeks now - and today was supposed to be the day. When did work start to ALWAYS be in the the way of blogging?

Better late than never, right? ...right?

Friday's Fancies 9.14.12

J.Crew quilted vest / J.Crew slim fit pants / Penfield / Frye leather boots / Steven by Steve Madden smoking slipper / Coach colorblock handbag / MICHAEL Michael Kors tortoise shell ring / Aubin & Wills printed scarf / Tory Burch fox pouch  / Brooks Brothers tartan scarf

Clearly I am all about the saturated tones (namely, green...per usual) and old-school-prep vibe recently. There's really nothing better than a good tartan. I also really, really can't get enough of the fox accessories I'm seeing everywhere - so adorable and fun...and somehow very fall. I'm also loving this more affordable fox scarf from ASOS. Oh and that flannel; I can't stop eyeing it after seeing it on Sarah Vickers (and I may or may not be dying to wear it with those same Zara booties I just indulged in yesterday).

Head over to long distance loving to see what else is topping the lust list of bloggers everywhere!

And in the meantime, I will try not to cure my current state of frustration by caving for one of these beauties. Only a few more hours! Happy Friday, y'all.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take it Personal.

It’s no secret that I love a good monogram. At this point, I have collected 2 monogrammed iPhone cases, a monogrammed ring (that I wear daily), but I have been trying to curb my purchases to just non-permanent, inexpensive items. There’s no sense in monogramming everything I own with initials that may no longer be my initials in a relatively short period of time…

Yes, I am counting my chickens before they hatch – or my fingers before they have a ring? Regardless, moving in with the boy solidifies this future change, no matter when it might come, so investing in a new glass cutting board and a welcome mat with my initials doesn’t exactly make sense.

Speaking of moving in – you know what’s not permanent? Apartment rentals. Therefore, completely fair game for monogrammary (coined it!). When I moved into my old place (my first apartment!) I had a custom return address stamp made, and I absolutely loved it.

It made me want to send snail mail – ALL the time – and it definitely was a huge motivation to not be lazy about sending handwritten thank you notes. The only sad thing about moving is that I can’t use this cute little bugger anymore!

Being the crazy person I am, I have been hunting around for a new design to use with my new address. I’ve found plenty that I’ve liked, of course, but the $50-ish pricetag was a bit much to stomach after a recent move (hello, insane moving company fees).

Enter One Kings Lane to save the day (again) with a Three Designing Women sale today. I got a certificate for a custom stamp of my choosing for $26.95 – including shipping! Now all I have to do is actually make a final decision on a design – which is proving to be rather difficult with the amount of lovely choices they have!  My top picks at the moment are:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More on the Move

While the move was an insanely busy, hectic, anxiety-filled and SWEATY day, we wanted to document as much of it as possible. Neither of us has ever lived with a significant other, and as far as we're concerned, this is a one-shot deal and a pretty big milestone in our relationship and  both of our lives.

Unfortunately, moving is not even remotely conducive to picture taking, but before I share some of our progress in putting the place together, how about a peek at the hot mess where it all began?

First trip up into the new place with my stuff, circa 10:30 AM. Little do I know what I have in store for me once the movers actually show evidenced by my happy face.

Flash forward to 5 AM, finally done with the movers, some unpacking, and got the kitchen table out of the living room. Clearly a call for celebration. 

So much love for my new 50mm lens. 

 Being goobers with self timer.

He was probably saying something obnoxious about me using this for the blog - or I was laughing at his horrendous hat hair. You decide.

On a much more somber note...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rise From the Dead

I'm alive and back on the interweb!

Between the move, work, family parties, and all of the subsequent fallout from the aforementioned, I have been a terrible blogger. In my defense, I did not have internet in my apartment for an entire SIX DAYS (travesty, I know) and with the short week following the Monday holiday, blogging at work was out of the question.

Here's what my last week has looked like, in a few, totally hot mess photos:

All three of these are full of shoes. Not okay - until you see my now totally organized closet situation!

One of my biggest fears (OCD moments) of moving was things breaking; I drove over 3 carfulls of items I was convinced would break if I packed them for the movers. Clearly my new gold-rimmed champagne flutes from the SoWa market were at the top of the list and therefore were packed delicately in my Serena & Lily duvet. They made it!

This was our first, sad-looking dinner in our new place at approximately 1 AM, complete with delivery and the table in the middle of the living room. On the bright side, I found out the sushi place in Southie is actually pretty good - AND delivers late night.

Then, circa 5 AM, we FINALLY called it quits on unpacking and organizing (and were not even close to finished) to take a much-needed pre-bedtime bubbly break (obviously with aforementioned champagne flutes). Veuve never felt so good.

Flash forward just one week, and I come home yesterday to find THIS situation in our living room ("I rearranged the furniture while you were at the gym!"), plus our first visitor in honor of the start to the NFL season.

Despite my high anxiety around the place not being totally perfected and organized yet, I wanted to break in the kitchen with some football Sunday treats for the boys (pepperoni bread and buff wings above) - which then somehow warped into me cooking dinner (buffalo turkey burgers, raw veggies and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies) for my parents later last night. I'm crazy, I know.

Now that my spending  freeze is over (and mostly to try to calm my anxiety), I have started in on a little shopping for fall basics. While I am often one for a great accessory or a really unique or loud print, there's nothing better than finding the perfect basic to fill a hole in your wardrobe - and it's even better when you get a good deal!


This ponte knit a-line dress is made of the same material as my beloved Pixie pants (I have them in 3 colors) so I couldn't wait to try this on. When it sold out online I almost shed a tear, but was fortunate enough to stumble on one in-store in my size - at which point it became clear why this stunner sold out so quickly. I legitimately said WHA-BAM out loud (okay, in a whisper) to myself in the dressing room mirror when I got it on; it is outrageously comfortable and incredibly flattering (despite being a stretch knit, which is usually much too clingly for my not-so-toned tummy). I also got to exercise my "student" discount on the in-store purchase - and I know it will be worth every penny when I'm throwing this on once a week with ballets or tights & boots for work.

The Boyfriend Jean

I have been on the search for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for months now after seeing countless gorgeous and effortlessly styled outfits by the likes of Blair, Kendi and Jules. I finally met my match with the Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jean; they're much more reasonably-priced than the ever-popular Current Elliott pair (though now that I have officially fallen in love with the cut I may invest down the road), but I also scored at 30% off during their sale last week). I wore them on Friday and did not put anything else on my body (aside from PJs) until this morning. They are out-of-this-world comfortable but don't make you look like you're just wearing 2-sizes-too-big jeans. And I wasn't even wearing heels.

What are you top picks for fall so far?

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