Monday, September 24, 2012

Aparment Therapy: Gold Diggin’

This weekend was spent finally getting around to the little odds and ends we didn’t take care of while moving in – namely hanging pictures and mirrors and suffering through a trip to IKEA.

As much as it wasn’t exactly relaxing, our place is finally starting to feel like home now that my need for symmetry has been appeased (with the addition of this nightstand to the boy’s side of the bed) and we have a (temporary) coffee table situation that isn’t a faux leather storage ottoman (separated...obviously):

That puppy is getting spray painted gold ASAP (realistically in like a month) and I’m on the hunt for vintage gold/brass hardware for the nightstands, and eventually the rest of our room (pics soon!).

Speaking of gold….

apartment gold diggin

I just can't get enough of it lately. This board started out as an apartment wishlist and I quickly noticed that pretty much everything I'm into right now is gold.

In the last year or so I finally got over my fear of gold jewelry and subsequently realized that it actually looks better on my yellow-toned skin than silver, resulting in an entire revamp of my daily/costume jewelry regimen, and I think the same wave is about to overtake my living space.

While a lot of these items are entirely out of my price rage ($2,000 for a coffee table is just not going to cut it at this point in my life – shoutout to IKEA!), I plan on investing in a few of these accents to spruce up my new table situation -  namely the gold skull, giraffe and piggy bookends. ZGallerie is quickly becoming my go-to for fun homewares that are seriously affordable.

Are you gold-crazy? Would you go gold in your home?

PS: I’m also seriously starting to consider going for a cowhide (flecked in gold, duh) rug over a patterned flat-weave/dhurrie. Am I crazy? Talk to me…

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  1. I love that white and gold metallic cow hide! xo


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