Monday, September 10, 2012

Rise From the Dead

I'm alive and back on the interweb!

Between the move, work, family parties, and all of the subsequent fallout from the aforementioned, I have been a terrible blogger. In my defense, I did not have internet in my apartment for an entire SIX DAYS (travesty, I know) and with the short week following the Monday holiday, blogging at work was out of the question.

Here's what my last week has looked like, in a few, totally hot mess photos:

All three of these are full of shoes. Not okay - until you see my now totally organized closet situation!

One of my biggest fears (OCD moments) of moving was things breaking; I drove over 3 carfulls of items I was convinced would break if I packed them for the movers. Clearly my new gold-rimmed champagne flutes from the SoWa market were at the top of the list and therefore were packed delicately in my Serena & Lily duvet. They made it!

This was our first, sad-looking dinner in our new place at approximately 1 AM, complete with delivery and the table in the middle of the living room. On the bright side, I found out the sushi place in Southie is actually pretty good - AND delivers late night.

Then, circa 5 AM, we FINALLY called it quits on unpacking and organizing (and were not even close to finished) to take a much-needed pre-bedtime bubbly break (obviously with aforementioned champagne flutes). Veuve never felt so good.

Flash forward just one week, and I come home yesterday to find THIS situation in our living room ("I rearranged the furniture while you were at the gym!"), plus our first visitor in honor of the start to the NFL season.

Despite my high anxiety around the place not being totally perfected and organized yet, I wanted to break in the kitchen with some football Sunday treats for the boys (pepperoni bread and buff wings above) - which then somehow warped into me cooking dinner (buffalo turkey burgers, raw veggies and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies) for my parents later last night. I'm crazy, I know.

Now that my spending  freeze is over (and mostly to try to calm my anxiety), I have started in on a little shopping for fall basics. While I am often one for a great accessory or a really unique or loud print, there's nothing better than finding the perfect basic to fill a hole in your wardrobe - and it's even better when you get a good deal!


This ponte knit a-line dress is made of the same material as my beloved Pixie pants (I have them in 3 colors) so I couldn't wait to try this on. When it sold out online I almost shed a tear, but was fortunate enough to stumble on one in-store in my size - at which point it became clear why this stunner sold out so quickly. I legitimately said WHA-BAM out loud (okay, in a whisper) to myself in the dressing room mirror when I got it on; it is outrageously comfortable and incredibly flattering (despite being a stretch knit, which is usually much too clingly for my not-so-toned tummy). I also got to exercise my "student" discount on the in-store purchase - and I know it will be worth every penny when I'm throwing this on once a week with ballets or tights & boots for work.

The Boyfriend Jean

I have been on the search for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for months now after seeing countless gorgeous and effortlessly styled outfits by the likes of Blair, Kendi and Jules. I finally met my match with the Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jean; they're much more reasonably-priced than the ever-popular Current Elliott pair (though now that I have officially fallen in love with the cut I may invest down the road), but I also scored at 30% off during their sale last week). I wore them on Friday and did not put anything else on my body (aside from PJs) until this morning. They are out-of-this-world comfortable but don't make you look like you're just wearing 2-sizes-too-big jeans. And I wasn't even wearing heels.

What are you top picks for fall so far?

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