Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take it Personal.

It’s no secret that I love a good monogram. At this point, I have collected 2 monogrammed iPhone cases, a monogrammed ring (that I wear daily), but I have been trying to curb my purchases to just non-permanent, inexpensive items. There’s no sense in monogramming everything I own with initials that may no longer be my initials in a relatively short period of time…

Yes, I am counting my chickens before they hatch – or my fingers before they have a ring? Regardless, moving in with the boy solidifies this future change, no matter when it might come, so investing in a new glass cutting board and a welcome mat with my initials doesn’t exactly make sense.

Speaking of moving in – you know what’s not permanent? Apartment rentals. Therefore, completely fair game for monogrammary (coined it!). When I moved into my old place (my first apartment!) I had a custom return address stamp made, and I absolutely loved it.

It made me want to send snail mail – ALL the time – and it definitely was a huge motivation to not be lazy about sending handwritten thank you notes. The only sad thing about moving is that I can’t use this cute little bugger anymore!

Being the crazy person I am, I have been hunting around for a new design to use with my new address. I’ve found plenty that I’ve liked, of course, but the $50-ish pricetag was a bit much to stomach after a recent move (hello, insane moving company fees).

Enter One Kings Lane to save the day (again) with a Three Designing Women sale today. I got a certificate for a custom stamp of my choosing for $26.95 – including shipping! Now all I have to do is actually make a final decision on a design – which is proving to be rather difficult with the amount of lovely choices they have!  My top picks at the moment are:


See what I mean? Too many adorable choices. At least I have a week to wait for my certificate to ship - hopefully I can narrow it down by then!

Would you ever use a custom return address stamp? Which design would you pick?


  1. I love the first and third ones! And I totally know what you mean about buying monogrammed items when you think your name might change soon.. I'm SO like that, even if I am counting my chickens before they hatch ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, yes! I also completely know what you mean! In fact, it is the very reason why I don't have anything monogrammed. But I do absolutely love these stamps so as soon as I can monogram something, I think I'll definitely be going with a stamp!


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