Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stripes. And more...stripes.

Being that essentially everyone I ever hang out with was out of town this weekend, and that I found out on Thursday that I need new brakes, I spent the weekend at home in the 'burbs. 

$1016 later, I had new brakes (and an inspection, oil change and new wipers...but who's counting?) and was feeling QUITE dejected. So of course, the logical cure was to go spend more money. Not ideal, but it did make me feel a little bit better. 

I (sadly) refrained from the black glitter loafers (SO adorable but SO impractical) but I went with the double-bow pointy toed flats from Nordstrom Rack.  I need to start frequenting the Rack closer to the city because it is a GOLDMINE for shoes (more scores from the weekend coming later!).

Then I went to the mall, mostly with intentions of trying out Bobbi Brown's new neon lipshades (abso-freakin-lutely HORRENDOUS on me - it is literally like applying a melted Crayola crayon to your lips), but of course I made some pit stops along the way (couldn't resist the neons everywhere else!). After this weekend, I think chartreuse is going my be my ultimate spring color - I really can't get enough (especially in a stripe!). Expect a full-on chartreuse board soon...

On a scale of 1-10, how obvious is it that I have a (very) serious addiction to stripes?

LOFT had a big 30% off sale going on, and though I pretty much knew I wouldn't be buying anything because anyone who has the (mis)fortune of being on their email list knows that all of this will go on sale for 40-50% off within the next month, I had to try everything on to find out what I liked, and get my sizes right - like any "smart" shopper.

And then I added my new H&M fauxs for fun...but was intimidated at Zara so I lost them. And speaking of, I am HUGELY regretting not buying that black-tipped white blouse on sale for $30...

More to come on my scores of this weekend (WAY too many nail polishes, adorable critter rings, glitter headbands, etc.), but for now, I need to finish off this stee-RONG marg so I can get some rest before trying to survive my first 5-day work week in approximately a month...

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