Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chains of Love

Lately, it has been no secret that I am on a death hunt to find the perfect chunky gold chain-link bracelet (at least to the internet world). I mean, look at my "baubles" board on Pinterest:

Absurd, I know. My problem has been that all, and I mean ALL of the ones I really, truly loved are just out of my price range right now (like this PERFECTION over here; perfectly chunky). It's not that I have a problem with spending over $100 on jewelry, but more that in reality, I know I won't wear this on a daily basis. And not because I don't want to; I would love nothing more than to pull off uh-mazing tricked out wrist candy a la Atlantic-Pacific every day - but I can't even type at my desk with one bracelet on, so I know that it realistically just isn't going to get as much use as I want it to.

Nonetheless, I can't resist them. I've been literally scouring every site I can think of trying to find the perfect, reasonable gold chain - and as of today, my mission is complete. Many thanks to GILT Groupe's Priviledged NYC sale today for letting me get in on this loveliness (for just $32!):

Time to start stacking up my bangles at home and get them ready to snuggle up with their new life parner.

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