Monday, January 16, 2012

2012:11 & 12

I'm the worst, but weekends are tough! Friday night I was completely exhausted after a day of big talks about my career and dinner & drinks with a friend (read: in bed by midnight!). I just needed my absolute favorite treat to top off the night:

My boyfriend finally made it back to the northeast on Saturday (after being at home in Virginia for two after our Paris trip), so I trekked down to Connecticut by Amtrak to visit with his extended family and make the rest of the car ride with him. On Sunday, we went for lunch with his mom at a new upscale burger joint called Plan B Burger Bar (coming to Boston soon, I just learned - YES.)

I know, the name is entirely unfortunate for a myriad of reasons, but I have to say, the food (and even moreso, the decor) made up for it!  They serve 100% certified humane beef, which means: Certified Natural, with NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO fillers, NO added colors, NO chemicals, from farms that have undergone the strictest natural food certification in existence. 

So, that all being said, I was totally in - and the food did not disappoint. My blue cheese burger was loaded with blue cheese, and the spice of the cheese with the BBQ sauce and carmelized onions was perfect. Honorable mention to their "fancy fries" - there's nothing like a super thin, crunchy fry topped with sea salt.

But what really sealed the deal was the design inside. I mean, meat hook light fixtures with filament bulbs? SWOON.

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