Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Quinoa, spinach, gruyere and rosemary casserole: phenomenal and quite good for you (side bonus, really, because who doesn't love gruyere?!).

I found this recipe on my sister's cooking blog and I couldn't resist trying it out; it seemed fairly easy, and I already had a block of gruyere sitting in my fridge from my $20 quattro formaggi pizza (it was moldy, much to my dismay). You can find the original recipe here, but I recommend using hers if you ever try it out - she tends to add in her own notes and comments that are extremely helpful for a novice like me!

All in all, this was absolutely a success. It tastes amazing and I didn't burn anything in the process. The best part? It will keep for almost a week in the fridge - so you're lookin' at my lunch & dinner to carry me to the weekend (cooking for one is hard AND depressing)!

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