Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cool it Down

Blue has never, ever been my color. The only shades of blue you'll find in my closet are navy (literally). It's just not my thing. It's fine and all, and I have nothing against it, but especially when it comes to clothing, I have never felt it does anything for me.

I am, however, a HUGE fan of green. I am a self-proclaimed green fanatic. Give it to me in any shade and I'm gonna love it. Throw in a stripe (my #1 addiction) and I am completely helpless.

That all being said, the blue/green colorblocking this season is killing my wallet, and at the same time, completely warming me up to the cool tones (har har). Throw in my addiction to nail polish and you've got me on a path to broke-dom. Deborah Lippman's I Know What Boys Like has recently made it's way into my collection and I have to say, it has become my gateway drug. It is the most gorgeous shade of bold blue, almost periwinkle but deeper, and I am totally in love. In years past, all of this would have screamed "Crayola Cobalt" to me and I would have hated it, but there's something about it that I can't resist anymore (especially when played off of my beloved greens).

I am clearly not the only one who is loving this trend. I've had this board building in my head for weeks now (since the first time I put on that polish - no exaggeration), but lookie what I got in my inbox this past week:

LOFT stealing my thunder! At first I was mad, and then I realized I should just be happy and take advantage of the huge sale to build up my pre-spring wardrobe and feed the bluesy frenzy (2, 14 and 20 will be making their way into my closet in a few days!).

1. Dorothy Parker Cobalt Pencil Dress | 2. LOFT Marina Stripe Boatneck Top | 3. Bauble Bar Topaz Quartz Studs | 4. Essie Mint Candy Apple | 5. Tobi Medallion Cutout Dress | 6. Eliza J Colorblock Crepe de Chine Dress | 7. Old Navy Printed Wrap Dress | 8. Essie Going Incognito | 9.  ECI Colorblock Silk Chiffon Dress | 10. Must find source... | 11. Totally adorable Kate Spade outfit in this scheme, complete with chartreuse pumps! | 12. Steve Madden France Leather Tote | 13. Banana Republic Geometric Patterned Top (sold sad) | 14. LOFT Wide Strip Scoopneck Shell | 15. Steve Madden Dynemite | 16. Dorothy Parker Blue Structured Belt Dress | 17. Vince Camuto Leather Piping Belt | 18. Steve Madden Strip Scarf  | 19. Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like | 20. LOFT Cotton Banana Split Stripe Boatneck Top | 21. J.Crew Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill 


  1. Oooo loving these colors! I must make a mental note to wear more green and blue together :) Cute blog you have here :) Happy Weekend!


    1. Thanks! Hope your weekend was fantastic - and loving your weekly outfit roundup!



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