Friday, January 20, 2012

Sucked Into Social Media Marketing

Have you heard? LOFT is giving away $50 off of any $100+ purchase tomorrow (online or in stores) to anyone who likes them on Facebook!

This is framed as a celebration for them hitting 1 million likes, but honestly, who even cares what it's for? It's pure genius. Honestly, who can resist a 50% off sale, especially when their spring line is SPOT-ON trend (and the prices are right)?

I have always had my issues with LOFT (mostly in regards to quality, and their e-commerce platform is completely inadequate to handle the traffic it gets EVERY time they have a big sale). But if you're giving me that kind of a deal, I think I can handle investing $50 bucks in some duds that are trend-oriented and sure to be worn only a few times...

Here's a peek what I'll be scooping up this Saturday:

Nautical knot - can't resist it.

 Nothing like chartreuse & stripes.

 Perfect cool-tone colorblocking,  and since the shirt is already on the way...

Already fell in love with this one in the dressing room.

In another life, I must have been a sailor.

No, seriously. Just need this one to complete the boatneck stripe collection. The other two are coming Monday!

These are just perfect to balance out all my crazy neon stripes, from the gold button detail to the high-waisted cut.

Are you going to hit up the sale this weekend (like the page here to get the coupon)? What's on your LOFT wishlist for spring?

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