Friday, January 20, 2012

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good....

I will admit that sometimes, I can be a complainer. And by complainer, I mean really just overexaggerate little annoyances into a world-ending problem. BUT, really, all embellishment aside, the past 16-ish hours have been inordinately horrific.

It all started when I left work yesterday, so excited to finally have the time (okay fine, not be too lazy to) hit the gym for the first time since last Wednesday. I race out of work back to Southie and when I turn the corner into the parking lot what do I find? Not only are there zero parking spots, but there are FIVE cars circling around waiting for people to leave. REALLY?

Okay, fine - great excuse to not work out and immediately move on to dinner with the boyfriend. Again, can't find a parking spot within 4 blocks of his apartment - great. No mind, good excuse to grab a bottle of vino (woo, Orvieto!) to down with my dinner...obviously well-balanced against my non-workout.

I finally walk the 7 blocks back to his apartment in the frigid cold, only to find that I legitimately cannot unlock to the door when I get there (the latch has been screwed up for at least a year now...but things have clearly taken a turn for the worse). After fidgeting with it for an absurd amount of time, I buzz his apartment so he'll come down and let me in. I wait, response. SERIOUSLY, Tim? You know it's me. I buzz again...wait for about 2 more minutes and I hear his door open. I can hear him juggling the latch on the other side of the door and for a moment I really think he's locked in and I'm locked out (read: I would be jumping a fence to get in). He finally gets it open - I throw him a scowl (you really were going to just sit there and let me freeze?) and jump inside to warm up.

Once I've got my beverage in hand I relax and assure myself I made it through the worst. Oh Carolyn, little do you know what's coming for you when you wake up...

Fast forward to this morning - I try waiting for the boyfriend to finish up in the shower before I get in (so conscientious  of his time!) but he's running late and I need to get going. I drag myself out of bed and to the bathroom as he gets, turn the knob on again, and jump in. "Oh...yeah, there's no hot water left."

So, you waited until I got into the frigid water and got wet before you tell me I'm going to catch hypothermia if I take a shower? Great - now I get to finish the ordeal while trying not to fall over into a convulsing ball in the tub. Awesome.

After wrapping myself in three towels and jumping back into bed, I finally start to get myself ready to go, really just waiting for the next annoying thing to jump out and slap me in the face. Enter: revenge of the front door. I had somehow managed to forget the previous night's debacle and approached it as if I would pass right through. Wrong. I spent a good two minutes jiggling and begging it to let me out. I almost gave up and went back upstairs to let myself out through the fire escape when it finally opened.

I was about to rejoice that I finally made it out of the prison when I looked up and saw about 2 inches of snow on the ground. How did I not expect this, you ask? I was too busy being pissed off about my Thursday to check on Friday's weather. Great, I am wearing flats to trudge 5 blocks in the snow to my car.

Of course, my car is covered in a pile of snow, and guess what? I don't have a scraper/brush. Of course I don't. Lucky me, I get to clear my car off in flats with the arm of my thin wool coat.

I finally make it to work, and though my ass, socks, and sleeves are still soaked from the snow, at least I get my Fiber One breakfast and coffee fix, a mixture that (obviously) landed me in the bathroom somewhat shortly after.

I immediately rejoice that I seem to have it to myself, and think that maybe NOW my day is turning around, but oh no. I soon discover that my fly has been down all day. AWESOME. First reaction: embarrassment. Second reaction: this has been happening to me a lot I losing my mind?

I really thought things were starting to look up after I took care of my fly...but oh, no. As I am writing this, apparently our corporate Internet is down. Or worse, maybe it's just mine - no one else seems to be perturbed. Great.

PS: Return of  the Internet! Also, this just made my day exponentially better (how did I not find out about this until a month later?!). Let's hope we're on the ups.

Has anyone else been having an epically terrible week?

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