Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bauble-y Goodness.

It appears that I'm on a bit of a jewelry kick these past couple of days!

I have been coveting a few Bauble Bar pieces for some time now (see pinboard here), but I haven't been able to pull the trigger (side note: my favorite piece is sold out - TRAGEDY). Like I mentioned in my post about my new Priviledged NYC gold chain link bracelet (arriving today!), I have a hard time dropping serious cash on costume jewelry because I just plain don't wear it enough.

That being said, Bauble Bar does have pretty reasonable prices. But couple that with $10 off of your purchase for their one-year Birthday, and I'm DONE. (They're also offering their most popular pieces at a discounted rate until January 29th...wallet death).

I couldn't resist these two gold beauties:

 Disco Ball Bangle (to be stacked with the gold chain link, of course)

Gold Crystal Mix Necklace (must force myself to wear...often)

$60 later, I'd say that my costume jewelry collection is one happy camper. Did you jump on this sale?

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