Wednesday, January 25, 2012

J.Crew Joy

It's no secret that I am essentially beyond obsessed with J.Crew, nor is it anything but obvious that I have a pretty serious online shopping problem. When the two are combined, well - it's just like the best Christmas morning EVERY time.

Speaking of Christmas, I ordered this gorgeous (and somewhat festive, but really, I am just obsessed with green) blouse before the holiday (December 4th to be exact) - and of course, it was backordered (and apparently still is!). 

Even though it's been almost two months of waiting, I have not gotten any more patient; I've been thinking about this piece almost daily. Seriously - can't even count the number of times I've thought, "Wow, that green blouse would look with this necklace/pair of shoes/earrings/hairdo/underwear..." - you get the picture.

All that said, you can imaging my utter joy when this email popped itself into my inbox early this morning:

I mean, I literally jumped. J.Crew, you have no idea how close I was to calling up customer service (thank god for 24-hour availability) and chewing you out for this delay. No seriously, it was on my Wunderlist of to-do's (amazing app, get it). 

Of course, I'm now planning 839058934 outfits that incorporate my dearest Talitha; coupled with skinny britches (J.Crew Minnie, of course) and gold suede Tory Revas, a navy pencil with nude pumps, under a blazer with skinnies and boots...and it goes on. Realistically, I'm going to wear this thing to death in a matter of a few months (but not before St. Patty's Day!).

Conclusion: getting mail (especially when lovely items are included), is one of my all-time favorite things (hence online shopping addiction). BUT when you mix a package delivery + J.Crew + a backorder = pure, utter joy (just from a shipping email alone). 

I'm going to have to lock down my insane, childish giddiness when this package arrives at my office - and probably physically restrain myself from running to the bathroom and putting it on. That can never pass as normal, right?

Does anyone else get as crazy as I do about packages (and/or J.Crew)?

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