Friday, August 17, 2012

The Final Coutndown

The count to move-in with the boy is officially at 2 weeks as of today. I am incredibly excited but completely beyond stressed at the same time. Packing has officially started - but barely. I am making little to no progress because I just feel completely overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. Right now, I'm wishing my life looked like this:

I'd even settle for this - which is what I'm sure I'll feel like as we depart for a 3-day weekend in Ocean City, NJ - the weekend before we move (smart choice, right? Ugh.):

So what's the logical solution for this weekend? Avoid and deny? Sounds great. Remember that time I was supposed to go peach picking? Welp, it never happened (peaches are late this year, apparently - who knew that could happen when it's been so hot?). And as you can tell by just glancing at my Pinterest-ed recipes, I can't get them off my mind; they may just be the new figs!

We're off to my parents' house tomorrow morning to grab brunch at our favorite diner, drop off a few things from my place that I don't want to move myself (thanks, mom and dad!) and weather permitting, pick some fresh peaches. 

I plan to get my bake on on Sunday...while I simultaneously force myself to start packing, since it's my only full day off before the move...but I've resolved to just not think about it :).

Happy weekend!


  1. Good luck with the move! Moving is worst... but just think how awesome it will be once you get there!! :)

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful weekend! The trick to packing is just get started and to make sure you purge purge purge!


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