Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gettin' Lippy

This post MUST start out with this admission: I know NOTHING about lipstick. That is, I know what I don’t like – and therefore rarely, if ever, wear it.

So why would I ask you to take my advice? If you’re like me and have an unresolved hatred for lipcolor – this discovery will change your life, promise. If you’re a fanatic, well, take it or leave it – but something that can make a lipstick-hater do a 180 can’t be bad, right?

Last night at CVS, I picked up one of the new Revlon JustBitten lipstains. The whim was a combination of things – about 75% of it was how much I love how Emma Stone looks in their ads, but my color selection (Lovesick) 100% came from the blogging world. I can’t stop seeing fuchsia lips everywhere, and I had to try. I even tried 5 different shades (mostly NARS) at Sephora last week but I couldn’t justify spending $20+ on something I knew I would never wear.

Same color! I'm just that good...

So yeah, it's everywhere. Yes, it's a trend - and even though I'm not a lipstick girl, how can you resist Miss Blair?

via Atlantic-Pacific

  That's right, you can't. And then there are these lovelies:
via Glamour

via Nothing Less Than Perfect
via Marie Claire
via Riches for Rags

And of course, Alexis, my perpetual muse.
So, down to business. Why is this lipstain/balm so magical?

To start out, let me count the reasons why I hate/never wear lipcolor:

- Doesn't stay on, so what's the point?
- Colors always look awful on me
- Lipglosses are sticky
- Long hair + wind + lipgloss = DISASTER
- The good ones are expensive

I could go one...but, you get the picture. So I get home and throw it on in the mirror, immediately, as any product-obsessed whore would do (I also bought 4, yes 4 Essies on this trip - I can never resist a new collection!). I was surprised that the color looked kind of cute on me. Could it be? A universally-flattering lip? But I moved on with my night (onto wine and trashy TV, of course) and essentially forgot all about it.

Fast forward to bedtime - I have now eaten dinner (roasted zucchini and chenin blanc...laziest ever), ate a lollipop (I'm 5) and essentially sat around talking on the phone and watching TV for the better part of 3 hours. Oh yeah, and I showered - but when I got to brush my teeth and the color is still there, vibrant as ever. Like, what? Weird.

Once again, I glossed (har har) over it and went to bed. I wake up this morning to still almost perfectly-fuchsia-ed lips. INSANE. Who sleeps in lipstick and wakes up with it still on? Granted, the color is stronger around the edges of my lips, but this is just impressive. 

So of course, I plan my outfit around this apparently semi-permanent lipcolor, since it's clearly not going anywhere fast:


Seriously, as I'm typing this at work, there's still a hint of fuchsia on me. I'm sure my coworkers are somewhat disturbed but you know what? OVER IT.

And the best part? No stickiness - it is just barely glossy when you put it on, but after that the texture completely blends with your lips and it's almost like it belongs there.

All you  lipstick-lovers out there - any recommendations for me? Would YOU ever do a fuchsia lip?

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