Thursday, October 25, 2012

Surprise Cupcakes: Happy 100th Birthday, Oreo!

I came across these birthday cake Oreos at my local Stop & Shop and I knew I exactly what I wanted to do with them. 

Unfortauntely, the boy nipped my plans in the bud the first time around because we’d been “eating like crap for way too long.” While entirely true, I would prove his decision to be wrong – a month later.

I told myself it’d be fine; I’d find the birthday cake Oreos at another grocery store. But weeks went by and trip after trip to Shaw’s, Market Basket, Star Market, Hannaford, proved to be birthday Oreo-less. I was getting frustrated. Angry, even – that my perfect baked treat would never see the light of day.

We finally went back to that Stop & Shop (which I might add is 4 blocks from our apartment, but I avoid going at all costs), and I found my precious treasure. I topped off the shopping basket with a classic store-bought funfetti mix & frosting and almost ran home to make them.

Before I could even begin mixing the batter, I died a little at the adorable “Happy Birthday” message to Oreo on each cookie – I am an idiot for not noticing these special flavors were a celebration of sorts, but absolutely cute nonetheless. 

The end result was honestly better than I imagined (so good that I forgot to take a photo of the end result...). I had had Oreo surprise cupcakes in the past from a colleague, but my coworkers all said these were even better. 

It will be forever a mystery if that was the special Oreo or the fact that S&S was sold out of the standard Pillsbury Funfetti and I was forced to go with runner-up Betty Crocker.  

Oh, and after all that, the boy almost died over the cupcakes and haorded 2/3 of the entire batch for himself. So for the record, I'm always right.


  1. The Birthday Cake Oreos are my favorite!

  2. This is the most wonderfully delicious idea EVER! I love it! And think of all of the possibilities with the different kinds of oreos! This sounds like oreo heaven to me!


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