Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Humpday Puppy Treat

It's a gloomy Wednesday up here in Boston, and while I sit in my cube sucking down coffee in hopes of getting my eyes to open more than 30%, I realized I needed a little pick-me-up.

And what better than a puppy? Or rather, the cutest pup in the world?

That's right, nothing.

I, sadly, am not a new dog-owner. I love puppies, but with my schedule and frequent weekend traveling, adding a pup to the family just doesn't make sense (yet). I used to get my quality puppy time with the boy's sister and brother-in-law's cocker spaniel, Fenway, but since they moved back to NYC I've been puppy-less.

So when my sister took the plunge and got a dog, I made it a point to be the best dog-aunt ever. Mainly, visiting often and taking millions of photos to cheer my up when I'm feeling down. Just the thought of this little guy lick-attacking my face boosts my mood by about 2000%.

Introducing little Tucker (or Tuck Nugget as I like to call him) - you'll be seeing plenty more of him here in the coming months...

Even more after the jump - you know you wanna...

What gets you through your Wednesday woes?


  1. seriously....what kind of dog is that????? he's so cute!!! we have a brown cocker spaniel (that color!) and he is the best thing ever!

  2. Love this! He is absolutely adorable!


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