Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumnal, Vermont-y Luxury

I am admittedly still recovering from a weekend of complete and utter gluttony - too much (amazing) food, too many drinks, too much of everything, really, except sleep.

After writing that out, it probably sounds like I spent a weekend clubbing in Vegas, but let me tell you, a laid-back luxury, quiet inn in Vermont can also do this to a girl (who knew?).

Our weekend at Twin Farms was all kinds of over the top. From the three course breakfast complete with french press coffee and chocolate, banana and coconut souffle pancakes (yes, they're amazing as they sound), the inn was indulgent. Now's my time to give a special shout-out to the boy's uncle, without whom none of this would even have been in the realm of reality for our lives.

Let's start with our room, shall we?

I mean, seriously? An entirely toile room? Amaze.
 Birthday boy poking around the coffee table books.

(yes, there's more after the jump...)

 Entryway/dressing area.

 I was pretty obsessed with the tortoiseshell mirror.

 Can we take a second to note that this is not just toile, but in fact, Native American-themed toile? So perfect for a luxe, yet Vermont-y feel. 

 Note the bottle of white on ice - delivered upon our arrival and completely free (and unlimited; danger).

We definitely did not resist a relaxing dip in the claw-foot tub post-hike the next morning. 

 I die.

And our morning view of the ski trails.

Even though many of the colorful foliage had been swept away in a windstorm the previous weekend, I'd say we still lucked out preeeeetty hard, wouldn't you? 

I wish I could have photographed the entire inn, but I don't think the other guests (90% retired and over 60) would have appreciate it, especially our neighbor, Katie Couric (yes, seriously). I mean, the powder rooms on the main level were papered in a Native American version of the Victorian bust wallpaper (the one Bailey used in her guest bath); everything was so thoroughly detailed and it was truly an honor to have been able to stay there.

Sorry to put a huge damper on our Wednesday - tomorrow you'll get to see us struggle through very moderate hiking (that's more than manageable for the 60+ crowd, sad).

Have you ever been to Vermont? What is your favorite place to visit in the fall?

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