Monday, July 9, 2012

Finance Frenzy.

This is probably going to come as a bit of a shock considering that my last post very strongly outed me as a crazed shopaholic, but the time has come to take control.

Besides my obviously intense shopping habits, the boy and I both greatly enjoy our dinners and nights out on the town, as well as frequent weekend (and longer) jaunts outside of Boston (often traveling by air). And while I was given a promotion last week (woo!), I am certainly NOT making nearly enough to be living that lifestyle while also scooping up every item I love on a blog, see on a mannequin, or is on HUGE discount.

On top of all that, the surprise birthday weekend destroyed my bank account, we have two quickly-upcoming mini vacations (and flights), and just sunk a TON of dough into securing our new (first) place together (first, last, security and fee...the thought of which makes me dizzy...). Needless to say, my funds are at an all-time low and it has forced me to take a step back.

I have known my shopping was a problem for some time now. I have always loved to shop, but a whole new world was opened up to me when I started following blogs, and the problem has only been exacerbated. The boy and I had a talk after his birthday weekend and decided we were both taking charge of our spending (for me that meant no buying clothes, nail polish, etc etc), but it wasn't until I saw Morgan's post that I truly started to believe I could do this.

I have never not shopped for more than two weeks, probably, in the last 18 months. While the thought of that sickens me, I also know that I have tried to calm down my spending in the past and have failed. This needs to be a cold turkey operation - and by documenting it here, in the public realm (mainly my inevitable cheating and downfalls) - I can hopefully start to take responsibility and hold myself accountable for my eff ups. 

At the end of the day, I know my money is best spent having fun, maintaining friendships and making memories, not outfits (as much as I might love them). I have PLENTY of things to wear, and probably have unintentionally avoided being creative with my clothes because I just keep adding more. My money is hard-earned (believe me) and in hindsight, it seems insanely frivolous to spend it without thinking twice about what I'm getting. 

So here's to not spending on any unnecessary (a girl needs underwear!) wearables until September 1st. If nothing else, I'll be making up for the exorbitant amount I spent on getting into the new place - and once I'm in, I'll have some funds to draw from in order to make it feel like our home. 


  1. Good luck girlie! You can do it! (hahahah I should totally join you on this venture too!)


  2. Yayyy!! I'm so happy you're going to do this! We can be each other's support systems. If you need any words of encouragement, please do let me know! :) And GOOD LUCK!

    1. Thank you! And same goes for you - I know it's going to take some moral support to get through it in one piece. It has been SO hard already! Good luck to you as well - hopefully we both make it out on the other side :)


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