Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Belated Patriotism

So I took another unplanned break from blogging late last week - but can you blame me, or anyone, for that matter? The weather in Boston was absolutely beautiful and I spent most of the week just gearing up for the holiday (and the rest of it trying not to let go).

I took it upon myself to get a little festive (or domestic?) this year.

Which was somewhat easy for me to do because I have been building my "blue" kitchen for the last two years, clearly. It's borderline excessive.

I put together this homemade red, white and blue bouquet with some quick, fresh cut blooms from Trader Joe's on Tuesday (that made it through the end of the week!).

We celebrate a little too hard on the 4th and I didn't have time to make my red, white and blue salsa.

 But that didn't stop me...there's always July 5, right?

I will be making this every July 4th for the rest of my life.

Absolutely. De. Lish.

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!

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