Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Regal Grounds

One of my all-time (if not absolute) favorite places in the world is the Crane Estate on Castle Hill in Ipswich, Mass. I fell completely head over heels in love with it the first time I visited, approximately 9 years ago (holy SHIT, I am OLD).

It is realty the perfect mix of gorgeous gardens, ocean views, woodsy hiking trails and of course, timeless manor class. I can easily spend hours there exploring the grounds, taking photos, picnicking and soaking up the sunshine.

Incidentally, one of my all-time favorite weddings was held here – but that’s just a fun sidenote.  I mean, how perfect is the veggie green & clean white palette for the classic mansion and rolling grass hill backdrop? Don’t even get me started on her dress. 

But anyways, the boy and I have been trying to visit this haven for almost two years now, and something always gets in the way (one time, it was closed for a wedding – serves me right!), but we were able to sneak in a visit this summer before the wedding season craze set in.

I was so excited to finally be able to share this place that is so special to me with him. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and while we were in a little bit of a time crunch (really, when are we not?) it was so relaxing and peaceful to be able to take a break away from the buzz of the city. 

My outfit was admittedly very inspired by Atlantic-Pacific, but it has become one of my go-tos, especially for dinner and drinks out on hot summer nights in Boston. There’s something about the flowy silk that feels effortless and cool, no matter how hot it gets (and I need the coverage in the AC-blasting restaurants we tend of frequent).

Blouse: Zara (sold out, but on sale here) | Pants: J.Crew | Sunnies: Karen Walker | Sandals: Jack Rogers | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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  1. omg. stop it. This place looks so beautiful! How could I not know this is only a drive away?! I'm going to have to get the bf to go here with me sometime soon. It's so gorgeous!


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