Friday, July 20, 2012

Cohabitation Creation

I just realized (okay, I am actually counting down) that in just a month and 10 days, I will be in the process of hauling ALL of my crap (and loved items, of course) into a big empty apartment...and the boy will be doing the same. Luckily, he probably has less than 50% of what I'm going to be hauling around, but like I mentioned before, his current setup has no defined style whatsoever, and my current place was shared with a roommate and I invested very little into styling my place (aside from my bedroom) once I knew that the boy and I were "in it for the long haul," as they say.

All of this comes down to two things: 1. this move-in is a huge (and my first) opportunity to really decorate a space to my taste, and this freedom is the biggest motivation behind my spending freeze, BUT, 2. I have NO idea how to style for men's tastes - I can't pick out his outfits without making him look at best, bisexual, let alone create entire living space that doesn't scream "single 20-something  fashionista."

I want the space to have a defined style, but I am seriously struggling to curb my tastes and instincts to be less uber femme. I am fairly preppy by nature (I have had multiple people tell me in the last few months that I am the preppiest person they know...seems like a gross overexaggeration to me, but whatever), and I think prep often has a girly feel. So that said, I am thinking the best way to tone down the Lilly/Kate Spade/Trina Turk color splash extravaganza, I might try to steer in a more nautical direction; pun 100% intended.

Regardless, I can dream, right? I have been a complete click monster on every One Kings Lane and Joss & Main email I get. I'm literally making some marketers day by shooting up their click through rates on every. single. promo. Here are a few things at the top of my wish list for the new place:

I love a good nailhead trim headboard - and definitely makes the cut for masculinity, no?

Okay, so maybe a little girly, but less than the light pink option. I've been dying to add a pouf to my living room setup, eventually as a footstool for a fun patterned accent chair (preferably wingback, thank you very much!)

I know this is a pricey option, but I am DYING for this Society Social bar cart in our massive living space (and to style it up-but more on that later). 

But on that note - I am a total toroise whore and am dying for these Design Darling tumblers.

I do need to decide on a coffee table before I can make this investment, but a laquer tray is CRUCIAL. I'm obsessed with iomoi's patterns, but definitely can't afford them. I guess it will be more worth it when our initials are finalized (yeah yeah, getting too surrious over here) but I dream of this:

Brown popped with orange is stylish, but manly enough for a living space, no? My couch is a cocoa brown suede, so I'm thinking this pallette might be the way to go, in spite of my intense draw to nauticalia (damn myself for not going with a lighter couch!).

Speaking of initials, I am in love with these S&P shakers but I fully realize that this is an impractical purchase pre-nuptials (and pre engagement...I mean, who am I kidding?!)

On a more practical note, I am definitely planning an investment in a pair of these Design Darling topiaries to spruce up my black lacquer entry table in the new place. They're not too femme coupled with a tray for keys, a few candles and a gold mirror hanging above, right?

What are you rules for boy-friendly decorating? I'm clearly in need of some help!

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  1. love the Topiary! Moving in with the manfriend is a wonderful and terrifying experience. The hardest part for me was putting away everything that was too girly and switching them for more neutral colors (we have lots of black and whites and blues). Once compromise we found was that I kept some of my more girly decorations and he kept some of his more ... manly decorations, like his The Wizard movie post :)


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