Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's All Happening.

After losing the apartment of our dreams two weeks ago, the boyf and I have officially leased our first apartment and are moving in together in September!

I am still somehwhat in denial about the hugeness of all of this, but the one thing that's immediately on my mind (and admittedly has been for a few months now) is how we're going to combine all of our things and create a space that's really our own - all while still being able to pay rent.

I am lucky enough to have a guy that lets me run with my tastes, and in the case of interior decor, he has tentatively given me the green light to put our home together. Though I would never purchase anything without getting his opinion (he has to live with it too!) - I've already started looking for pieces that will work with what we have, but give our things a (much needed) dash of styling.

My number one is investing in a new, nice rug. The rugs we both have are both extremely high pile, and after just one year, mine is eternally dirty and needs to go, stat. My sectional is a fairly deep mocha shade, so I'm trying to stay away from dark colors, and definitely opting for a dhurrie or flat woven for our new place.

Too dark for a deep brown couch?
I totally love this, but I know it would show every spec of dirt..and the boyf is not the cleanest of boys. Sigh.
I love this pattern and the hint of cream/yellow...

Or do I want to go full-on yellow (or another color) for a pop against the brown? Too risky?
Or do I save the money and DIY a sisal rug? I've been dreaming of this since I first saw Mandi's segment on the Nate Show...

I know it's early and I'm getting ahead of myself with so many options (all via OneKingsLane) - but I can't contain my excitement! Which would you pick?


  1. I love the yellow (I'm an obvious yellow fan lol, my wedges)! It's like a brighter neutral. I always tell my clients to go with yellow if they shy away from bright but want to add a touch of color.

  2. Congrats on taking the big step!! My bf and I moved in together about a year ago and it's been so wonderful! I'm actually searching for a rug right now as well in this same color scheme. I really love the yellow one!

    xoxo, me

  3. I like the first two patterns =) Definitely exciting to be moving in together! I'm moving into a new place too so I need to get some interior decorating ideas. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q


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