Monday, March 19, 2012

Budget Basics: The Boyfriend Jean

There are many times in a gal's life (okay, maybe just mine) when she is faced with the all-important question, "To splurge, or not to splurge?"

I am one of the belief that it is justifiable to spend the extra hundo if the item is something basic that you will get a lot of wear out of. You're paying for quality, aka longer life, aka since it IS something you will wear a lot, you are more than getting your money's worth. If your $20 purchase falls apart after one washing, you were ultimately better off spending 120 on something you wear bi-weekly for years.

That being said, sometimes there are pieces that are both basic AND fit the budget - and I was lucky enough to come across just that at Old Navy this week (booo, sold out online!). Here they are in white, but RUN, don't walk to your local ON and you can scoop them up for $19.50 - I ended up buying them in the light AND dark washes (extra $20 for more versatility - I couldn't resist!):

I have had my eye on this style for quite some time, but was never able to pull the trigger on the Current Elliott pair that I fell in love at first sight with on Atlantic-Pacific this past fall.

They are adorable and seriously go with everything for a laid back look. Since I tend to steer toward a more polished style, and because they're really only cute rolled up past the ankle, I held off because I knew I couldn't wear them 'till at least April (hey, thanks March weather!).

I'm honestly so glad I did. As much as they are super versatile (and amazingly comfortable), I know I will be hesitant to pair them with a good portion of my wardrobe that is super structured, so dropping $230 on the "real thing" was not exactly a necessity. For $190 less, I got two in different washes - so I can feel pretty darn good about that.

After a rough St. Patty's weekend,  the last thing I wanted to do was dress up for work today. It's super warm out, so in honor of the weather and my laziness, I'm sporting the lighter pair (pictured) with these comfy springy classics:

Too good. I feel like I'm still in PJs.

BONUS: I finally scored a chambray (that I actually LOVE the fit and weight of!) at Old Navy too. I have tried the chambrays at J.Crew, Madewell, etc etc multiple times and they all just make me look like a sack 'o potatoes (too heavy, to baggy, weird shade with my jeans...the list goes on), not to mention they are on the pricier side. This loveliness set me back a measly $24.95.

Honestly, ON is straight killing it this season - and I don't hate it.

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