Monday, March 12, 2012

2012: 57 & 58

We have had absolutely amazing weather for the last two days, and it seems to be continuing to go my way - and I am embracing it with open arms.

Crazed seagulls on at Castle Island. This walk really made me not want to move more than a few blocks in September.

Dress with no tights for the first time since last September. In the outfit that started it all...
No seriously. I saw a girl wearing this dress, with these shoes on the T and I HAD to have it. As if fate stepped in, I was en route to shop on Newbury Street and happened upon it at H&M - only one left, in MY size. It's become my go-to; it's insanely comfortable and forgiving, but super adorable.

And then I found the shoes: these Michael Kors driving mocs are seriously perfect (similar). Snakeskin, comfy, gold hardware.

Obligatory picture of my new case again (obsessed).

FINALLY cooked for myself (for the first time in 2 weeks) - and went with a summery selection of quinoa with zucchini, eggs and avocado lime cilantro dressing.

Looks like mush but this health bomb is gonna be lunch for me ALL week.

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