Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Very BaubleBar Valentine's

If you've been reading this blog for even just a month, you know how obsessed I have been with BaubleBar recently.

As if my wallet is not hurting enough as of late (many thanks to ASOS, J.Crew and BaubleBar, of course), BloomSpot is running a deal today for BaubleBar credit. You can pay $25 for $50 worth of merch, or pay $50 for $100. As if that wasn't amazing enough - you can buy TWO for yourself - so...that's up to $200 worth of beauteous baubles for only $100!

Obviously, I couldn't resist investing in the max; I have until June 15th to use all of my credit- and with the rate they pump out new lovelies, I don't think I will have ANY problems spending all of it. I'm already lusting over these, this, these, and this - must contain myself and wait it out the rest of the gorgeousness I know is coming my way...

Pretty great Valentine's Day gift (to myself) if I do say so (myself).

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