Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Full Disclosure: February Purchases

I can't say enough times (even on this blog) how terrible I am at budgeting. It was one of my goals for 2013 to cut down on impulse buys and focus on things I NEED rather than things I WANT. The fact that I have $300 or less in my bank account to last me for two weeks (after paying credit card bills & rent) after each paycheck is honestly abominable and 100% my fault.

Discovering the Purchase History column on Modern Even (via Meg's post today) inspired me to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Why am I hitting "confirm" on all of these purchases that are all but exploding out of my closet when I have dozens of items in there from as recently as last year that I haven't worn all season? Not to mention that if I hadn't made even a fraction of these purchases, I could somewhat easily afford some of the items I've been lusting after for what seems like forever (4 months could get me a Celine bag).

I need to start owning up to this (publicly) every month if for no other reason than it forces me to look back at my spending and really evaluate what I bought - and be able to take a look back to track my progress over the next few months.

February Purchases

J.Crew Chambray Shift Dress (also forgot...curses) - $100.30 / I have been looking for the perfect fit chambray for layering over leggings with boots in the winter and an easy shift for summer; this was perfect.
J.Crew Factory Chambray Shirt - $48.37 / STILL on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt. This may go back after I try it on.
J.Crew Blythe Blouse in Black - $58.80 / Both of my black silk blouses are from ON/H&M and I reserve for wearing out to bars (cheap, poorly fitting). It was time for an upgrade and the Blythe is one of my favorite fits from J.Crew
J.Crew Boy Shirt in Dots - $40.80 / In the midst of my search for the perfect chambray, I've also been seeking a polka dotted one - this fits like an oxford but looks like chambray; perfect.
J.Crew Pixie Pant - $78.00 / My black pixies are 3 years old and from the Factory store. I wear them at LEAST once a week, so needless to say, they are in rough shape. I had a 20% off coupon so I couldn't pass up upgrading to a better quality pair.
J.Crew Factory Anchor Blouse - $51.00 / This blouse from last season was my favorite shirt, but I got it on super sale and it was one size smaller than I would have liked. When the Factory came out with it I knew I had to add it back to my wardrobe in a better size (and let's be honest, I've packed on a few lbs this winter...)
Kerastase Fibre Architecte - $35.70 / My split ends are out.of.control. I just got my hair cut and I need this to seal off my ends to prevent more splitting while I try to reduce the damage. This was actually a crazy good deal (this stuff is never on sale - thanks, Birchbox!)
Essie Maximillian-Strasse Her - $8.00 / Confession: I consider my nail polish collection its own wardrobe - it must be assessed for holes. I can't tell you how many dupes I've bought over the years just out of excitement for a new collection. This one, though, was unlike any others I have - and as much as I wanted to scoop up more of the new Essie colors, the rest are all totally uninventive and I can guarantee I have a dupe for all of them.
J.Crew Anchor Bikini - $80.00 & J.Crew Tulle Bikini - $92.80 / I didn't purchase a bathing suit last year, and I am already gearing up for my trip to Hawaii in May. It's not often you can get a good deal on J.Crew swim so I jumped on these suits with my 20% off; still trying to choose between the two!

Maybelline Color Whisper in Petal Rebel - $8.50 / This color is the perfect pinky-nude for daytime
J.Crew Factory Lobster Sweater - $37.44 / I wish I could say that I needed this, but who NEEDS a lobster sweater? It was just too cute not to have.
J.Crew Infinity Scarf - $14.87 / Love this, did not need. That said, I have worn it almost every day since I bought it so I won't call it TOTALLY unnecessary...
Nicole by OPI Kissed at Midnight - $8.50 / I wish I could say this was filling a hole in my polish collection, but if I'm being honest, I have 5 gold glitter top coats already (I promise they are all slightly different!). I've been desperate to find a gold, multi-sized glitter that didn't take 6 thickly-dolloped coats to get a good payoff, and THANK GOD this was the answer.
Sole Society Peony Flat - $25.00 / I have zero need for these - they are just so adorable and for $25.00, I couldn't resist. Bad, Carolyn.
Ann Taylor Scalloped Blouse - $41.99 / I had been eyeing this top for months - I can't resist a scallop, especially at 40% off. I am still on the fence about keeping it; the yellow is SO bright that it's strictly a summer top. Attempting to track it down in navy to make it more versatile...

(2) Revlon Lip Butter - $8.50 (each) / Saw these on blogs, and while I love that they are sheer -er than most lipsticks, these colors only work for me when going out at night
J.Crew Factory Pink Lace Tee - $42.00 / I have this top from the regular store in cream and have hardly worn it (yet another "barely fits" super sale purchase). It's not nearly as versatile as the ivory top so we'll see how much wear this gets...
J.Crew Factory Gold Cable Link Bracelet - $19.50 / I already have a gold link bracelet, not to mention a plethora of other stacking bracelets I wear almost daily (the J.Crew pave link and the Stella & Dot Renegade, to name a few)
(2) J.Crew Knit Stripe Boatneck Tees - $14.97 (each) / I couldn't even tell you how many striped tees I have in my bureau right now (it's somewhere around 12). I know they say "y17+42+19.5ou can't get enough stripes" but really, you can. And these are not basic, they're completely novelty and while I love them, they were totally unnecessary; I got sucked in by the (amazing) price.
J.Crew Factory Multi-Stripe Tee - (forgot this one...and couldn't fit more stripes. BAD.) - $37.44 / This was just totally unnecessary considering I had JUST bought two of the same neon-colored striped tees.
J.Crew Shrunken Dot Oxford - $24.00 / Stupid, stupid, stupid. The tags are still on, it's adorable but I have no shortage of oxfords (and I love the Boy Shirt I bought earlier this month much more...stupid). Note to self: STOP falling for crazy good prices.
Essie Haute as Hello - $8.00 / Speaking of nail polish wardrobe - I have more than enough orangey-peaches in my collection, and to top it off, the formula on this shade stinks. Fail.


Budget purchases: $500.97

On the bubble: $136.30

Totally unnecessary spending: $177.88

I could VERY easily still have almost $180 in my pocket - and if I was being REALLY good, it would be more like $300. Don't even get me started on the list of things I would have rather invested that money in. It's growing every day, but as the big move gets closer, all of this should be getting saved for incremental (and often unexpected) expenses like flood insurance (found that one out last night), countertop alternatives (hello, macaubas quartzite!), kitchen hardware upgrades, etc.  

Here's to hoping for a better (thriftier) March...

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