Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Pastel Easter Brunch

Pastels always bring me back to Gap Kids circa 3rd grade (1994ish? - good Lord, I'm old) in the absolute best way possible. I still distinctly remember that spring line full of pastels and the hours my sisters and I spent in the dressing room, fighting over who got which items (we absolutely could NOT have matching clothes).

For me, this is my first memory of truly caring about "fashion" and became focused on putting outfits together, rather than having my mom pick things for me and trying them on just to make sure they fit.  In this case, it was a pair of pastel yellow overalls (yes, you read that right) and a long sleeved white tee with four butterflies across the chest, all a different mix of pastel hues.

The row of butterflies peeked our perfectly over the bib of the overalls (in my 8-year-old mind, anyway) and the flecks of yellow in their wings was picked up but the yellow of the overalls. I wore that outfit to DEATH, also alternating with a much-loved v-neck pastel-striped sweater (strikingly similar to this new RL one).

In recent years I have found myself less drawn to pastels - they are a perpetual spring trend but my closet has become dominated by saturated orange-reds, kelly greens, cobalt blues and of course, neons. I think it's time to incorporate some softer, more feminine pieces into my spring wardrobe. Pastel yellow has been an all-time favorite (I'm fortunate to have the darker brown hair to set it off) - as long as I can stay away from a pastel overall, I think I'll be right on-trend.

Equipment Blouse / Topshop Jacket / J.Crew Snood
Mango Skirt / J.Crew Necklace / C.Wonder Studs / Rebecca Minkoff Bag
J.Crew Bracelet / Zara Heels

This outfit would absolutely put a spring in my step on Easter morning (har har) - and I wouldn't blend in with the Gap Kids-decked kiddies.

More pastel prettiness going on over at {long distance loving}!


  1. Oh that lemony skirt is so sweet! And I agree, spring=soft pastels. Save the neons for the dead of summer :)

  2. The Rebecca Minkoff Bags are my absolute favorite!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  3. such a pretty outfit! i remember always getting a new easter dress, so fun!


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