Thursday, January 31, 2013

Currently Coveting: J.Crew Spring 2013 Arrivals

Hide ya kids, hide ya wallet…

J.Crew’s long-awaited spring arrivals hit the web yesterday morning, and I have been drooling ever since. That one little email in my inbox legitimately made my entire day (rain, stomach ache, stressful phone interview and all). Call it what you want (shopping addiction, unhealthy brand obsession – judge me), this collection is just perfection.

I found myself clipping literally every other item, so I figured putting them all into boards would organize my lusts and let me stare at the prettiness all at once instead of flipping endless from tab to tab in Chrome…all day. 

Like I said…every other item had me drooling. The tipped oxford, peter pan collar stripe sweater, and pleated shorts WILL be mine.

Killing it with the jewelry, per usual. And I die over contrast leather ANYTHING. That tote might have to happen.

I have never been hugely into J.Crew’s shoes. I always like them enough, but not enough to drop $200+ on them…until now. I mean, the flats have me ready to spend $150+..on multiple pairs. How could I ever choose between scallops, seersucker and sailor knots? 

Are you as crazed over the new arrivals, or do I just have a TERRIBLE case of spring fever? 


  1. Oh that evil JCrew trying to take all my money and make me look cute and poor.


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