Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Bonfire Beauties

The temperatures in the Northeast this week have been nothing short of frigid, and lighting candles in front of the TV when I get home from work just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’ve been dreaming about fireplaces ever since our trip to Vermont when we fell asleep to a crackling fire every night.

I’m obsessed to the point that I’ve been trying to convince the boy that we need to invest in a gel fireplace. Real warmth, no vent needed: genius, right? Might have just skyrocketed to the top of my Christmas list, if for no other reason than I’m dying for a mantle to hang stockings on…

These super warm and admittedly holiday-inspired (I’ve already started listening to Christmas music…don’t judge me) make me desperate to find a bonfire this weekend – or even a REAL fireplace (ah, the woes of renting) to curl up with my new book (obsessed after two chapters!) in front of this weekend.

Throw in a hot toddy or some spiked mulled cider and you’ve got my recipe perfect winter night. Okay, fine, and some freshly-baked cookies too.

Get cozy with more fireside looks over at {long distance loving}!


  1. wow,perfect!! i want to wear all those cute and comfy pieces :)

  2. Fair Isle print gets me in the mood for the holidays! Love your picks!

  3. I could really use a new fleece! And I love the cable hat :) Elisa

  4. How cute are those acorn earrings?! Adorable!

  5. LOVE! I am dying for a good fairisle sweater.

  6. need those leggings!!! i have a weird pattern pj collection.
    ps. my sweater is from zara!


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