Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Snow, 50% off Serena & Lily, and Other Apologies

I have been horrible absent lately, I know. Between the holiday (and really, my sister's puppy), and really kicking my new job search into high gear (first interview this week, already!) I have been nothing short of swamped and totally worn out. Like, sleep in till 11:30 worn out - I haven't been able to do that in literally years.

This all isn't to say that I'll be posting as frequently as I'd like to be - yet, but I couldn't NOT share this with you.

Bloomspot is offering $50 for $100 worth of merchandise from the one and only, Serena & Lily. Obviously, I am a fan, as this is the VERY girly bed my boyfriend is forced to sleep in every night (the Caroline, only appropriate given my name, no? Let's just overlook that is is "made for" little girls...):

While their bedding is notoriously expensive, I have to say that after owning this set for 3 years, and I am completely happy with my investment; no rips, tears, or stains to report (and all machine washable!). 

I do, however, have a new set on my wishlist, mostly so my poor guy doesn't have to sleep on a princess pouf. I've been eyeing the Catalina duvet for a good year (since we decided to move in) and will more than likely be replacing the master bed with something along these lines when we upgrade to a king (and my beloved Caroline will live in the guest room - wanna sleep over?):

Gorgeous, right? And masculine enough, methinks.

Unfortunately for me, I am flat broke after the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales, but if you're even remotely considering new bedding, don't miss this deal!

That's all for now - excuse my while I go wallow in the fact that it is snowing by obsessively scrolling through cabin porn (safe for work, I promise!).

I die.

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