Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recap: 2012: 69, 70, 71 & 72

This has obviously been an embarassingly long hiatus - but at least it hasn't been a full month? Things have been extremely busy lately, between traveling and work and getting back into a (somewhat) solid workout routine...no excuse, but I have been trying really hard to prioritize the things that are the most healthy for me. 

Clearly, beer (LOTS of beer) is not one of them, but it's definitely a requirement for country concerts and long-distance friend visits - or really, just social weekends in general. I have notoriously been a hermit in the past and am making a conscious effort to push myself to go against my nature this year - and this past month has proven both successful (in terms of my efforts) and completely rewarding. I've had so much (too much?) fun, and I really wouldn't trade these extra LBs and the giant hole in my back account for anything.

First order of recap business: Hoboken
(clockwise from top left) Cowboy-ed up for Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, 1L steins at the Biergarten in Hoboken (AMAZING, but 3 of these before the show was unnecessary), Essie Mint Candy Apple mani matching Hudson mint skinnies (and a beer spill), Absolutely loving life (and the boys) at Jason & Luke

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