Sunday, December 25, 2011

a very parisian new year's eve

dressing for new year's in paris is turning out to be slightly less fun (read: glamorous) due to the fact that the #1 activity is being outside to see the laser show (ie - in the frigid cold).

because i haven't started packing yet (christmas slacking!) i am starting to freak a little bit, so moodboarding with my own clothes is the obvious solution...

from top left: j.crew factory crystal wing earrings | j.crew gold sequin tank | j.crew gunmetal 3/4 sequin tee | michael kors shawl collar puffer (holiday score!) | j.crew zipper accent cardigan | j.crew brown tweed cafe capri | j.crew zipper minnie pant | j.crew gold glitter skinny belt | OPI dazzled by gold | ralph lauren black heeled riding boot i'm just left with the big decision - cool-toned sequins or warm it up with golden hues? even if i've got my new michael kors shawl collar puffer on the whole time, i'll feel just as sparkly inside.

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  1. I love every single thing here!
    Lovely blog
    I follow you XO


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