Sunday, December 25, 2011

dreams of snow and mistletoe..

i hope everyone is enjoying the holiday as much as i am. this year it seemed much more difficult to get into the christmas spirit early on, with lots of busy-ness around my birthday, work, and the boyfs finals, etc.

and so, it seems i have been laying on my clothing as a crutch to get me feeling more festive - and it worked! this weekend has been so cozy and full of cheer - even just being home with the whole family made it all come together.

once i'm back from paris i'll be sure to share my real photos from the holiday, but for now, here's an instagram christmas recap:

my new retro sunglasses - a steal at anthro for $14
one of my favorite houses in town, dressed up with gorgeous lights.
christmas eve attire, complete with fair isle and gold glitter

all dressed up for christmas mass: polkas, red plaid and sparkle (all courtesy of jcrew, per usual).
my sister's deadly assorment of cookies & some christmas eve hot toddy action.
getting ready to wait for santa - in my santa jammies, of course.

happy holidays!

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