Thursday, December 20, 2012

Real Sale: 50% off Neiman Marcus for Target

Yes, you read that right. This is too good to not break my holiday/birthday/job search/nonstop traveling silence.

I was living under a rock and didn't hear about this collab until a few days before it went live in stores - so my first view of the products was actually in-person at my local Target on a trip to buy party essentials for my (stupidly self-thrown) birthday party.

I had read tens, maybe even hundreds of blog posts about how awesome the collection was, and how much every blogger I follow was excited about their new Altazurra shaker/glasses/tray or Tracy Reese blouse - so maybe I went in with inflated expectations. 

As much as I liked a few things (honestly pretty much just the Altazurra items), I was underwhelmed by the selection and quality, which was only exacerbated by high prices. 

Of course I loved the black lacquer and gold tray (which arguably was one of the better constructed items) but did I really need to spend $80 on a tray for the brand name? No. 

The gold shaker was gorgeous (and perfect for my new Society Social bar cart...more on her later), but what respectable cocktail fanatic (booze hound) doesn't already have a shaker? Not this girl (I have two). 

So, like the good Christmas season budgeter I am (not), I passed them up, fully expecting (and accepting) that they'd be sold out within a few days. 

But lo and behold, the girls over at The Everygirl posted this on Facebook and my eyes lit up - 50% off the entire collection?! And that gorgeous shaker and tray are still in stock? For less than the price of the tray? 

Sold, to the girl with no self-control when it comes to sales. 'Cause who doesn't need a 3rd shaker? This girl (at the right price).

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